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D.O.A Trailer

DOA: A RIGHT OF PASSAGE hinged around the Sex Pistols tour of the USA in January 1978. Financed by High Times magazine, director Lech Kowalski then flew to London to continue his search for the roots of punk. In London Kowalski worked with Chris Salewicz, on sabbatical from the NME. During the course of the filming the crew found themselves at the home of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen, where Salewicz conducted an on-camera interview with the pair that is by turns hilarious, shockingly revealing and utterly tragic.  

Third World Cop Trailer

One of the first films shot using the then new digital technology, THIRD WORLD COP featured as its titular lead character the kind of superstar badman detective with whom Jamaican citizens were only too familiar. Conceived as a cross between a Hong Kong action film and a spaghetti western, THIRD WORLD COP - co-written by Chris Salewicz - was a significant success, the biggest film ever in the Caribbean.  

Beats of Freedom


BEATS OF FREEDOM, in which Chris Salewicz appeared as onscreen narrator, is a Polish documentary that examines how the emergence of Polish rock'n'roll helped bring down communism. Beautifully shot and edited, with extraordinary archive footage, the award-winning BEATS OF FREEDOM became the most successful documentary ever released cinematically in Poland.
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